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Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The Braves got a much needed win last night against division rival Washington.  This could not have come at a better time after being swept by the Tigers in Detroit.  Maybe the Braves were just home sick.  Yesterday’s game was their first at home in nearly two weeks.  During the road trip the Braves went a disappointing 3-7 that included two shutouts.  The win last night added to their still-undefeated divisional record, which now sits at 7-0.

Craig Kimbrel earned his ninth save of the year.  Julio Teheran allowed both Nationals’ runs in his 5.1 innings pitched.  Jordan Walden got the win for his relief efforts.  Andrelton Simmons, Justin Upton and Gerald Laird each contributed one RBI to win the game, 3-2.

Tonight Gio Gonzalez takes the mound for Washington against Tim Hudson, who will be seeking his 200th career victory tonight.



  1. horrorhorde

    A recap of the season provided me with knowledge in a quick manner. The inclusion of stats also provides your blog with positive concision. The writing style is very professional sounding as well. I also appreciated the ending as a bridge to future posts.

  2. arielandgrace

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    You use a graphic to add to the story you are trying to tell while also doing a great job at adding valuable commentary throughout your storytelling. You also incorporate useful links which show that you are able to do your research and cover all your bases throughout the writing process.

  3. jshisler3060

    A. The communal values that you are projecting in this entry are the respect for facts, the employer you are writing for, hopefully a sports blogger, would enjoy the facts in this piece. The first paragraph shows your knowledge of the Brave’s recent performance. And then the raw stats in the second paragraph show that you are good at relaying information from the game to the blog.

    B. This is a good roundup post. “This could not have come at a better time after being swept by the Tigers in Detroit. Maybe the Braves were just home sick. Yesterday’s game was their first at home in nearly two weeks.” This is a good selection from your piece because it shows your sense of humor along with knowledge of the Brave’s schedule. The selection shows you are an editorialists because you view your opinion, while the second paragraph shows you are a good ‘reporter’.

  4. Maura O'Dea

    You clearly know what you are talking about. Your audience is clear and because your writing is concise it makes it an easy read for them. You seem to be a good editorialist by sharing informatoin with others who may not be clear on that subject. The links also give your readers even more information on the subject if they want more details.

  5. michellemaiolo

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  6. Jared Halzel

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  7. stover311

    the communal values that you bring forth in this post is your obvious love for Braves baseball. Your knowledge and dedication to your hometown team is evident in this post.

    I like your writing style, because you are able to change up your sentence length which keeps the reader interested. You also play the role of reporter exceptionally well.

  8. joemeehan11

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  9. maryhealy4

    A. The Braves are a team that I literally knew nothing about until I read this post. You were able to inform and entertain an unknowing person about this team, which is something any employer would value. You have the ability to bring in outside sources and make them interested in what you’re talking about.

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  10. paulblogthis

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    BEE: Your role of the reporter is very clear in the post because people that want to know all the details of last nights game will get everything they are looking for. This goes along with your role as an editorialist because you also add a personal touch by adding your opinion.

  11. goldberg5452

    a) I do not consider myself a major baseball fan but after reading this blog for this past semester I feel as if me and the Atlanta Braves are on mission to the world series. It is because of your writing and knowledge that a potential employer will love this blog.
    b) You are clearly a reporter throughout this blog bringing your readers breaking news and results from each of the Braves game. I also enjoyed the layout and the pictures that used throughout the blog as well.

  12. pmac3330

    In this post you show your experience in reporting. You kept it short and sweet and right to the point. This is huge when some people are reading sports blogs because fans just want the numbers sometimes. Your blog is very professional and could be mistaken for the actual Atlanta Braves website. The employers will appreciate the professionalism of your blog.

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