Last Minute Information

Here are a couple of last minute pieces of information before baseball begins in Atlanta tomorrow.

Venters Injury

The anticipated news became official today.  Reliever Jonny Venters will start the season on the 15 day disabled list because of his sprained elbow.

Gattis on Roster

Backup catcher Evan Gattis will start the season on the Braves’ roster.  According to ESPN, Freddie Gonzalez said Gattis could even start the second game of the season on Wednesday against the Phillies.

The Next Face of the Franchise?

The Braves may have just unofficially named Jason Heyward their new face of the franchise.  Also from ESPN comes the news that Heyward has been given Chipper Jones’ old locker.  Hopefully this can spark him into producing some great numbers and leadership into what could now be referred to as “his team.”

*Note:  I could not find any links to show that Gonzalez said Gattis could start Wednesday or that Heyward took over Chipper’s locker as they both came to me via the SportsCenter app on my phone.  It’s usually accurate but until I can find proof take those with a grain of salt.

Opening Day Lineup

Below is the projected lineup for Opening Day taken from the Braves’ official website:

1.  Andrelton Simmons SS

2.  Jason Heyward RF

3. Justin Upton LF

4. Freddie Freeman 1B

5. B.J. Upton CF

6. Dan Uggla 2B

7. Chris Johnson 3B

8. Gerald Laird C

9. Tim Hudson SP


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