Replacing a Legend – Part 5

#19 Andrelton Simmons SS


Simmons is not yet a household name, but he should be very soon.  He can’t really be expected to replace Chipper so early in his career, but expect him to do some great things for the team this year.

The loss of Michael Bourn in free agency left many wondering what to do about the gap in the leadoff spot.  Simmons should fill that gap nicely.  In just 49 games last season Simmons notched 48 hits and a .289 batting average.  He will start this season coming off his incredible 10-30 World Baseball Classic for the Netherlands team.  A guy who can get on base that often will be a welcome addition to the rest of the players behind him in the lineup.

Keep an eye out for Andrelton Simmons.  He might not be a team leader this year but he has great potential to be a superstar shortstop in the future.

Are you all as optimistic about Simmons as I am?

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  1. quinn

    after his world classic experience his confident level should be very high &will have prepared him for the lead off spot in the braves line up . the experience definetly familiarized himself with the leadoff spot, puts the ball in play very aggresive strike out percent very low exactly what you want in a leadoff spot should do very well this year

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