Looking Choppy in Florida

Spring training is back in full swing in Florida and Arizona.  Even though it is generally not a reflection of the teams we will see come Opening Day it is still interesting to examine how teams are performing.  After the first week the Braves sit right in the middle of the Grapefruit League standings at 3-4.  The only divisional opponent with a better record as of today is Miami at 3-2.

The Braves appear to be a tale of two teams so far.  They lost their first 3 games and were outscored 6-19.  Then they stormed right back and won the next 3 by a total of 19-14, only to lose yesterday to the Phillies 5-10.  This puts them at a run differential of -11, which is ahead of only the Phillies in the Grapefruit League.  Their 43 runs allowed is tied with Philadelphia for the most in the league.  At only 32 runs scored they have the 4th lowest amount of runs scored in the Grapefruit League.  Just so we can all feel a little bit better, including the Cactus League teams bumps the Braves up to only the 6th worst run differential, 7th worst runs allowed and 5th least amount of runs scored.

This is not the end of the world.  There are still a lot of Spring Training games to be played, and a long time to get back to game shape.  Here’s to hoping a new month gives them a fresh start as they take the field against the Nationals tonight.

These numbers look bleak, but I think it’s too early to start seriously worrying.  What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?


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